Nicolas von Wilcke / Executive Director of Clear Light GmbH / TEDx Speaker

How do we experience global warming?

Well, on one hand, there are strong weather effects like hurricanes, floods and downpours, where we could say, “this might be related to climate change.” Maybe yes, maybe no, who knows?

The unknown Problem

But there is one more thing that most people aren’t aware of. It is climate refugees. UN climate experts estimate that about 500 million people will lose their homes within the next 50 years. These people live within coastal strips 35 miles wide all around the globe. This is a land area twice the size of the US or Europe. People will not be able to live there anymore. Why? Because these areas will be flooded by the oceans.

It is predicted that about one-third of these 500 million people will go to the US—that is 160 million immigrants. The same number will go to Europe, and the rest will go somewhere else. We are talking about extremely poor people who have nothing to lose.

Can you imagine this number of climate refugees in addition to the existing US population of 330 million? When this happens, all social systems will collapse. Battles for food, clean water and work will become normal. Civil wars will erupt. Not a peaceful time.

We change climate. How?

Imagine you’re at an Italian restaurant…

How many dishes of pasta and glasses of wine will you order for yourself—1 or 10? And after the meal, how many espressos will you drink—1 or 10? Our body naturally tells us how much to consume, but not when it comes to electricity.

If we don’t invent ways to drastically curb our energy use, we may not suffer much, but our children will. If we do nothing, 500 million people will lose their homes in the next 50 years. About one-third of them will go to the US—that is 160 million immigrants who are extremely poor, with nothing to lose. Social systems will collapse, and battles for food and water will become normal.

The only way to avoid this nightmare is to cut our energy consumption by a factor of 10.

10x drop in costs and carbon

Since the invention of electric lights, they’ve all been switched on when the first worker arrives and switched off when the last worker leaves. Nothing has changed until today.

Clear Light uses intelligent lighting to cut costs and carbon emissions by 90%. Every fixture contains sensors to provide the exact lighting needed. No more, no less.

Why hasn’t the industry done this already? Because intelligent lighting lasts 5 to 10 times longer than on/off lighting. That’s a big cut in the sale of light bulbs, so the big players won’t tell you about it. But we will.

With Clear Light, the typical ROI is between 1 and 4 years. You may as well be printing money—while preserving the planet for your children.